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   We live in a land of Glamour, Celebrity and Beauty a like. Our days are filled with the perfect Up-do, Blowout, Style and Hair color. Day to day we see the same things from East to West and North to South. Thanks to all of the magazines flooded with amazing hair. Truth is, is that we all have the opportunity to afford ourselves items that can be used to create the perfect look. Styling an event or a magazine shoot is a lot like winning the lottery, chances are most will not have this opportunity. As a stylist for events and magazine shoots, Using the proper tools and products play a crucial part in the outcome for any look, day or night. This should not detour anyone from creating Red Carpet looks. Ladies love to feel gorgeous, this is a known fact.
   I often find myself scouring magazine pages, Dissecting the hair styles of every model and celebrity trying to mentally recreate these looks. Testing out new products and tools can be a little nerve-racking, I know this. What if the product does not work well with the style? Having to start over would be a drag. With a little insight and a lot of feedback, a little guidance can be good. On shoots I often find myself mixing products, creating a cocktail, to get one perfect product, of course there are products out there that are genius enough left alone. These are the products that need to get into the limelight.
Josie Maran Argan Oil
 Glistening hair is one of the hottest trends to hit the streets from Los Angeles to New York. Imagine taking a shower and gently towel blotting your hair, allowing your hair the freedom to hang freely without direction. This would be the look: a little unkempt and a whole lot of couture happening. Argan Oil by Josie Maran is 100% organic. It is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which will allow you multi-use application – even, applying it to skin will improve such imperfections as acne. It will also allow you to treat moisture starved hair and split ends. Free of Parabins and Sulfates, which dull and fade color, your color will be able to finally last. There are 2 ways to apply Argan oil. The first is to apply the oil to damp hair. The product is very concentrated, so be sure to follow the less is more rule, using a paddle brush to fully cover the body of the hair. Then blow-dry to create a high shine and frizz-free look. The second way to apply Argan oil to create the Wet Head look. Apply the oil at the root area to dry hair and brush back for a high fashion look, or part the hair for a more subtle look. Argan Oil by Josie Maran is flying off the shelves and is quickly becoming the hottest product for the most knowledgeable fashion-forward men and women.     

High Pigment Hair Color
Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner
   Hair color today no longer falls on the subtly sun-kissed or the beachy ombre. Instead, it is rich bright red and violet brunette tones. Hair today is definitely influenced by the Hollywood Starlet look. Today, hair is more vibrant, rich in hues, rich in texture and rich in shine. To obtain this look, use Wella Koleston double pigmented color. It has the ability to break through the cuticle, fully lining the cortex with color. The color is so rich in pigment, The hair will then give off a 3 Dimensional effect, which will in turn give your head of hair a radiant, light-enhanced appearance. Double pigmented colors fade quickly, because they are specially formulated beyond flat color. To keep hair bright and alive, Wella Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner uses a Triple blend technology that uses diamond dust and champagne to create a protection field, protecting color from the inside out. Using this product, you are affording your hair color the opportunity for longer lasting color, while being able to treat dry processed hair if necessarily.

Maintained-Messy Chignon 
Karg Perfect Styling Wax

   The lady today is taking a messy chignon from the streets to the red carpet and working it with class. A maintained messy chignon is carefully, yet effortless. Taken from the back center and placed at the side using pins, this chignon is high in texture and asymmetry, lessening the take on perfect ballerina hair. To achieve this look, take the hair in odd sections and curl the hair clipping up to set the hair as you go. Once you have completed the curling process, using a tail comb, comb through the curls, loosening the direction of the curl. Take a dime sized amount of Karg Product to add texture and shine to the hair. Once the hair has been treated with Karg, take uneven sections of the hair and pull it up to the side of the head. Remember that less is more in regards to perfection. Allow theKarg product to do most of the work. Karg Perfect is a wonderful product that uses shea butter as an active ingredient, which creates a hydrating conditioning agent while allowing a controlled hold and style. Karg Perfect is versatile enough to fit even the most pristine coif to a messy men’s look.
The Perfect Blowdry
Spornette Round Brush
 The Perfect blowout may just be the number one most requested service in America, especially after blow-dry bars are popping up like daisies. Using the proper tools play a huge role in this success.  A brush needs to be able to create shine, smoothness, volume and last longer than a few blow-drys in regards to bristles and heat. Spornette brushes are ruling the market with their affordable-sleek designs featuring boar bristles which allow you to create tension while building shine. There are different styles within the Spornette family, all of great design and use. The Prego Tourmaline, features a 4-inch barrel and is aerated to give maximum volume and shine, perfect for long thick tresses. The Vectra, which features a rounded domed base that allows close to the scalp styling and features anti bacterial ionic bristles that work well under high heat, building high volume from the root down. The Italian Collection Brushes are made of high grade wood and hand selected bristles, for the highest of quality. The details in design are that of a high end brush with out the hefty price tag. These brushes are great when working with tight curly hair, creating tension comes with ease.
– Jovan Townsend

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