Walter Van Beirendonck just showed and proved to me that suits can be a work of art. LOVING and LIVING for these!!

Ok. So. I have never been one to Coo over a mans suit. I find them restricting and most of the time without style due to the normal occasion in which you would need to wear one- and most of the time you give off flair with added accessories and pops of color. i;e socks, ties, bowties. etc.

In  Walter Van Beirendoncks collections for the Fall 2012 menswear looks. He proved to me that not only does one have to fear the suit. But, they can also be art pieces, literally. If you can imagine one dying to get a painted dress by Zhandra Rhodes circa 1970-80’s. I am sure you can imagine the up and coming want for these suits in lets say 30 years from now, hell, even 5 years from now..

PURE GENIUS. I mean he did graduate from Antwerp with 2 of my Top Favorite designers- Dries Van n0ten and Ann Demeulemeester after all..


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