Let me give you a break down on my model favorites. 17 years ago was about 1994. I was 14 years old. I remember seeing this poster for CK one that featured a new model by the name of Kate Moss, which I still have by the way, She was this tiny thing with dark straggly hair. A black tank top with her arms kind of folded over her shoulder. I instantly fell in love. I remember spending my 30 dollar allowance a day on every single magazine cover Kate Moss graced and skipped lunch at school. My room was covered in Kate Moss photos, magazine cutouts. I was addicted.

Kate Moss: 1994. technically photographed 1993.

That was until…

I was a religious watcher of the AMAZING show back in the day called Fashion Television that featured runway shows at midnight, and saw this insanely gorgeous model named MariaCarla Boscono work the runway like no other model. She literally scratched that catwalk with every ounce of fluid movement that could come out of her body. She quickly became my new favorite. She has this look of this alien like long stemmed girl with big eyes huge eyes and kewpie doll lips. She truly is the most gorgeous, insane walker to date. Sorry Naomi. Mrs. Boscono will cut you on the runway with her pinkie toe.

MariaCarla Boscono: for Mixte Magazine.

I guess what they say in fashion ” New Season, New Face”  is true, or at least pretty close…

I am addicted to this new show, about one of the worlds most wanted models board through the Premier agency based out of  London, called ” THE AGENCY”.  They featured this break out model named India Farrell. that was so breathtaking it kind of took me back. She was kind of this little fairy girl with this very angled chiseled face with tiny lips and big eyes and freckles- which I love on a fair skinned model. On the show they depicted her as the possible new “IT” girl and if you take a look at the photos, even her comp card. You could quickly see why. But, she was the hard to get girl. She was the one all the Designers wanted. Mario Testino wanted to interview her personally. Thats a rarity. Usually  it goes. Booking Agent. Management. Designer. Makeup. Hair. Wardrobe and then the photographer. That is huge for a new face in the agency. Its sad really that she has only worked for 1 year.  may be once she gets a bit older she will realize her worth and the amount of money and prestige in the business. Who doesn’t want to walk a show and automatically get trades with the designer. Geeze. walk for 20 minutes and make 5- 15000 dollars for that time. Are you crazy. Geeze.

In any case. She is GORGEOUS.

India Farrell: Comp card 2010

AND. I LEAVE YOU WITH THE GENIUS VISUAL OF MariaCarla Boscono on the catwalk. Best walker of this century.


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