>> Riccardo Tisci transitioned from full-on runway to intimate presentation for his Fall 2010 couture collection, shown yesterday in a gilded Paris apartment — only ten looks’ worth, as opposed to 23 looks last couture season. The impetusfor the change? “I’ve been at Givenchy for five years now, and I’ve found my feet, and know what I’m doing much better. People know what Givenchy is now, and it’s selling. For couture, I think it’s better to show fewer things like this, which are more special, and can be seen properly . . . My style is about the little details. If a dress goes by with the kind of speed of my shows, you might go, ‘Oh, there’s a lace dress.’ You won’t see why it took 1,600 hours to make. And this way, I can meet people and talk to everyone. That’s good, too.” The presentation was reportedly more expensive than runway shows have been in the past for the brand.

The collection was inspired by Frida Kahlo and her three obsessions — religion, sensuality, and human anatomy — paired with degrade, lace, and fringe — three finishes Tisci considers his signatures. One catsuit featuredSwarovski crystal skeleton that took 1,600 hours to make, and another gold lace dress clocked in at six months of work.

Speaking of putting in hours, Tisci has apparently joined Rick Owens and Marc Jacobs in their workout obsessions — he’s “a kick-boxing fanatic,” according to Hilary Alexander: “Every morning, for an hour!”


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