Starting July 1, the website is expanding its distribution network by launching the E-Store in Continental United States, one of the world’s most receptive markets for online purchasing, as well as Alaska and Puerto Rico. The region has long been strategic for the brand’s development and image.
Prada’s web presence has always been contents driven. All new online material has been progressively inserted into a modular framework and expressed in different ways depending on the nature of its contents. For instance, the on-line charity auction of one of a kind prototype pieces, the ‘Trembled Blossoms’ and ‘Fallen Shadows’ original animations by director James Lima as well as the music contest related to it, and the nine short movie projects produced by nine young directors.
The section of the site dedicated to the E-Store follows this strategy and displays the Prada world with a focus on leather goods collections for women and men as well as eyewear. The ease of the shopping experience is enhanced by straightforward content that does not lose the dynamism inherent in the Internet experience.
The E-Store features a large sales area in which users are able to live out a brand experience that enraptures their senses and lets them satisfy their desires. The E-Store is also an interactive space: through a combination of different components including content, services and commerce – the user becomes an active player within the domain of the brand and its products.
Customer information is available in great depth and at great speed. Customers also benefit from the interactive nature of the services at their disposal. For instance, the E-Gift feature allows for presents to be purchased online and then delivered to the home of the recipient with a personalised card.
The Prada E-Store is a new store in addition to Prada’s international network of 185 shops.
This is a strategic choice that emphasises Prada’s pragmatic approach to the web, which encourages living with it as an everyday instrument.
Prada will shortly expand the E-Store service to another strategic market, Japan, whose attentive clients are always in search for new and up-to-date Prada projects.


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